All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
                                    Edmund Burke

Why do I want the office?

I am concerned for the future of our country. It appears our congress and congressman are following in lockstep with policies that a majority of Americans reject, putting our liberty in jeopardy. Our leaders are increasingly making laws they do not follow. I want to return the power of our nation back to the people by honoring the oath I will take for this office and obeying the constitution. I will not be a part in making laws that infringe on American citizens liberty. I want to help save our country!

How will I address what I see as the three issues facing our nation?

The three most important issues I can see are the economy, debt and the assault on freedom from the inside of our republic from people sworn to protect our form of government.

1. On our economy, I will submit bills that will reverse all progressive policies that are against the growth of small business. Small businesses are the back bone of job growth in our economy.

2. Out of control Debt is a cancer to the economic health of our nation, it is not only a threat on our economic system but our national security. Debt is destroying the value of our currency. I will put forth legislation to cut spending on all levels of government.

3. The Assault on Freedom  It is the job of the House of Representatives to stand up to an over reaching branch in the separation of powers of our republic.  To many times this body has not used its constitutional authority to stop for example, judicial activism that is immoral or ACTIONS THROUGH ORDERS THAT ARE CONTRARY TO OUR CONSTITUTION by the executive branch. But what is dangerous, is when these people yield to foreign influence weakening our nation.  I will fight this with every breath in my body once elected!

What compelling reasons are there for someone to vote for me?

1. The main aspect of my life is to try to maintain personal Integrity and have fidelity for the laws of our land.

2. If elected, I will defend our nation, our laws and our liberty; even if it means my life.

3. I will try to do right by you and not waiver on issues that are moral and right. As a Christian, I believe our Lord's example (Jesus Christ) must return in the halls of government just like in the time of our founders.


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