"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."


It was once said, "Where there is good leadership the people rejoice and if it is bad, the people mourn."

Friends, leadership should be the moral compass of the people, yet their example is in full illustration by their lack of good governance and a willingness to be corrupted by their place in power.

Tell me, "Why should the public follow leadership that does not listen to them nor has any discernment for what is right or wrong?" If you are a citizen that works everyday scraping out a living, doing without to make ends meet, "Why should you have to give your hard earnings to an entity that is spending itself into oblivion?" And lastly, "Why is it that in a republic, a minority can shut down the voice of the many and the people sworn to protect our national boundaries openly weaken our land?"

This is not right! That is why we have elections.

Will government be the driving force for our prosperity or will it be the ingenuity of the people under liberty? Soon, the voters will deliver that answer. I am for the latter.  With half of our country out of work and the integrity of our nation in peril, these times call for tough and decisive leadership. I am asking you for that honor.

Citizens of the 5th District, counties of Davidson, Cheatham and Dickson, my name is Big John Smith. I am seeking the republican nomination for this office in the August primary to challenge the incumbent Jim Cooper.

These are issues that I believe are important and vital for our survival as a nation:

That the rights of ALL our citizens are protected and that leadership be accountable and serve only you.

That our borders are protected and our national security strengthened.

That the growth of small business should be nourished to improve our economy and increase jobs.

That our government budgets and lives within its means.

That our Republic remain a country governed by the consent of the people.

Folks, I have been blessed to be a resident of this world since the late 1950s. I've witnessed a lot of things good and bad, but none of them more precious than our child taking her first step. As a father I want to protect her life. Many times I wonder, "What kind of world will she live in...As a matter of fact...all our children?" This is what motivates me. This is the main reason I am running.

Yes, I know there are sharp differences of opinions in America today. But are we going to let our differences tear down one of the greatest nations in history?

What the media will not tell you is; we are engaged in an internal war. ​The progressives has brought our nation to this critical point of degradation, tearing down what has made America blessed, dividing us, while indoctrinating our kids to believe government is the supreme entity that can distribute justice and equality. But little do they know...their liberty is at stake.. It is my opinion that, if we do nothing to correct this, the next national election will determine whether America completes its transformation into socialism!

For myself, I will fight tooth and nail against this!  I want to be a part in making our country better. Out of all this darkness...one day I want to see light again and all our citizens prosperous and remain free!

Please don't judge me by the label, but by my heart. Let me be your champion and I will serve only you! I am asking for your vote.


Friends I need your help in this endeavor. Your contribution can help me win this fight!

Thank you!

Edmund Burke