Who is Big John Smith

My friends my name is John W. Smith IV. My friends affectionately call me 'Big John'. I was born and raised here in the city of Nashville in the great state of Tennessee. I do not have any accolades behind my humble name except the honor of serving the public through law enforcement  for over 25 years. I am a traditional American that believes in God, that he is the grantor of blessings in our life and freedom. 

A Husband and Father

I have been married to my only wife for over twenty five years and we have one child. My family is what I live for. I pray always that I can provide and keep them safe. Good fortune smiled on me when I found my mate. A man is truly blessed when he has a woman that loves him as I do. Then there’s my child. Every since my daughter arrived in the world, the joy experienced in my heart could not be written. When she was a baby, she looked up at me from her crib, how her little eyes looked in mine and touch my heart so. She is a woman now and I am proud her. Her birth gave me an appreciation of Gods power of life.

A  American 

I am just a man that can see a blessing has been left for us and our children; a free country. In my heart I know it must be preserved. I see the beauty of Tennessee and the land God has bestowed on us and I am grateful. America is a country that is exceptional above many
nations, but I am not so blind to see that we can also fall. It is worth fighting for. I would hate to think when we meet glory and we’re asked the question what did we do with it.
We might not agree on every issue, but I hope many of us would see there is at stake something bigger than our individual prejudices; the survival of our nation.

Why am I running for office?

My friends, I have lived in Tennessee, my whole life. I've had the blessing to work in the community and meet people from all walks of society. Being at this eye level on the street, I've witnessed how people live, what they face every day, and listened to their concerns, hopes and fears. One common theme, though, I've heard from citizens over and over, they're worried about our country and that their leadership is not attentive to their concerns. As a citizen, I feel the same way.

There are many problems our country faces at present, affecting our state, and others looming on the horizon that could adversely change our lives. It is my opinion there needs to be leadership who will be a servant for the people, face reality head on, see things for what they are and create solutions that will prosper and protect Tennessee.

Even though, never having the privilege to serve in an elected office, I have, through my occupation executed the laws of my state and protected the citizens of my county for over 2 decades. My friends, I'm asking for the opportunity to continue that service...as your Representative.

About Big John